Kabooooom’s Oscar Picks!

The Academy Awards tend to lean towards the more predictable side, and spotting Oscar favorites that are bound to be nominated isn’t terribly tough — it’s picking an actual winner out of crowded pools of talent that’s the hard part. When the nominations for the 86th Academy Awards were announced last week by Academy President […]

MOVIE REVIEW: The Fifth Estate

The promotional material for Bill Condon’s The Fifth Estate proposes the question of whether or not Julian Assange is a hero or a villain, a visionary or a traitor. It’s a question that the filmmakers probably should have answered themselves before they created the film. Perhaps the greatest failure in this dramatization of the history […]


Ron Howard’s latest film, Rush, paints a detailed portrait of the dangerous world of Formula One racing. The film delivers on many levels as an exciting and thrilling portrayal of not only car racing, but also of an intense rivalry and respect between British driver James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth), and the Austrian Niki Lauda (Daniel […]