COMIC REVIEW: Conan the Barbarian #25

CONAN THE BARBARIAN #25/ Written by BRIAN WOOD/ Art by LEANDRO FERNANDEZ/ Colors by DAVE STEWART/ Letters by RICHARD STARKINGS & COMICRAFT/ Published by DARK HORSE COMICS The crew of The Tigress and the pirate queen Belit are dead. Only Conan survived their disastrous raid on a lost city full of treasure. But while the […]

COMIC REVIEW: Detective Comics #27

DETECTIVE COMICS #27/ Written by MELTZER, HURWITZ, TOMASI, FRANCAVILLA, BARR, LAYMAN, & SNYDER/ Art by HITCH, ADAMS, BERTRAM, FRANCAVILLA, MARCH, FABOK, & MURPHY/ Published by DC COMICS It’s been 75 years since Batman made his first appearance in 1939’s Detective Comics #27, and DC marks the occasion this month with a “mega-sized” issue of its […]

The Comic Review Round-Up, 12.18.13 Edition

Welcome back to the round-up! It’s our second biggest yet with six of this week’s books reviewed. Below you’ll find a wide range of books from Conan the Barbarian to X-O Manowar to Avengers Assemble and more! What are waiting for? Dive in! THE MIDAS FLESH #1/ Written by RYAN NORTH/ Art by SHEILI PAROLINE […]

COMIC REVIEW: The Sandman: Overture #1

THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE #1/ Written by NEIL GAIMAN/ Art by J.H. WILLIAMS III/ Colors by DAVE STEWART/ Letters by TODD KLEIN/ Published by VERTIGO COMICS Hello darkness, my old friend. Nearly 20 years after Neil Gaiman and company wrapped the 75-issue run of “mature reader” masterpiece, The Sandman, the Vertigo flagship title returns this week […]

REVIEW: B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Exorcism #1

Written by Mike Mignola & Cameron Stewart Art by Cameron Stewart Colors by Dave Stewart Letters by Clem Robins Exorcism is something we are all well aware of thanks to a popular movie from the 70s, but it isn’t all head spinning and pea soup vomit. Possession is a scary business, and someone who’s called […]

REVIEW: Conan the Barbarian #5

Written by BRIAN WOOD Art by JAMES HARREN Colors by DAVE STEWART Letters by RICHARD STARKINGS & COMICRAFT The second part of “The Argos Deception” provides exactly the right mix of melancholy and might that fans of Conan look for. Conan stands at the foot of the gallows facing uncertain doom while the captain and […]

REVIEW: B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: J.H. O’Donnell (One-Shot)

Written by MIKE MIGNOLA & SCOTT ALLIE Art by MAX FIUMARA Colors by DAVE STEWART Letters by CLEM ROBINS Mike Mignola and Scott Allie spin another paranormal parable in the BPRD series, one that manages to keep that Hellboy feel, but unfortunately does little else. The Transformation of J.H. O’Donnell is a one-shot story in […]