DUCK TALES Season 1 Episode 1 [Review]

Duck Tales proves a worthy successor to the comics that inspired it. If you’re a fan of Uncle Scrooge and the gang, this show will leave you shouting “Woo-oo!”


The idea of recreating a successful British television series for an American audience is hardly a new concept. Indeed, it happens far more often than one might think and enough of these adaptations are successful for it to be tried again and again, despite a number of rather infamous flops.  For every successfully Americanized The […]


Gabriella “Gabby” Gonzales is uncertain what she wants out of life.  The only thing Gabby is truly sure of is that she wants more than her traditionalist father will ever allow her to have.  A straight-A student throughout high-school, Gabby’s dad only acknowledged her intelligence in so far as it would benefit his businesses.  Gabby […]

The Kabooooom! Scoop: ‘Constantine’ Trailer, ‘Agent Carter’ Synopsis, Adam Driver ‘Star Wars’ Rumor, Marc Guggeheim Writing ‘X-Men’, & More!

Welcome to Kabooooom! Scoop, our latest feature where we collect the biggest comic book, television, and movie news you may have missed and need to know!  The first trailer for NBC‘s Constantine has dropped and it looks bloody brilliant! If you like what you see in the trailer, check out the first clip from the […]

David Tennant Cast in FOX’s Remake of ‘Broadchurch’

In a world where crime dramas are a dime a dozen on American television, it was a bit surprising to learn FOX was keen on adapting the British crime series, Broadchurch, for their network. All right, so it’s actually not all that surprising. How many times has American television nicked an idea from TV across […]