Comic Review: GENIUS #1

Police Detective Reginald Grey is a cop by training and a tactician by nature.  For years he’s hypothesized that there was one figure running all the gangs of Los Angeles.  A single vice lord who played the various factions against one another, before finally uniting them under one common cause – the complete destruction of […]

COMIC REVIEW: The Sandman: Overture #1

THE SANDMAN: OVERTURE #1/ Written by NEIL GAIMAN/ Art by J.H. WILLIAMS III/ Colors by DAVE STEWART/ Letters by TODD KLEIN/ Published by VERTIGO COMICS Hello darkness, my old friend. Nearly 20 years after Neil Gaiman and company wrapped the 75-issue run of “mature reader” masterpiece, The Sandman, the Vertigo flagship title returns this week […]

E3 Reactions: Sony's Doing it Right

E3 Reactions: Sony’s Doing it Right

The king has returned. This thought must have been running through many minds as Sony finished their keynote speech at E3 which seemed to trump everything that Microsoft and Nintendo presented. The PlayStation 4’s $399 price point, $100 less than the Xbox One, and the lack of DRM will make the console a juggernaut this […]