ComiXology Unveils eGift Cards Just In Time For The Holidays

Don’t know what to get your comic book reading friend?  Don’t know what the latest issue is?  Comixology has unleashed its eGift card program just in time for the holiday season! “Shopping for friends, family and loved ones is hard, especially if they’re comic fans, so the comiXology eGift Card takes out the guess work […]

Alternative Comics & ComiXology Announce Digital Distribution Agreement

In a press release, ComiXology announced that it had negotiated a digital distribution agreement with Alternative Comics, a long-time independent publisher. To celebrate, Alternative Comics will be releasing five titles on the application: Karl Stevens’s Failure, Steve Cerio’s Pie, Sam Henderson’s Magic Whistle series including the Humor Can Be Funny collection as well as issue […]

New York’s Comic Book Scene Goes Digital

With access to applications like ComiXology, readers are able to download their favorite issues digitally to their smartphones or tablets, anytime and anywhere there’s Internet connection. And, just as iTunes signaled the death of the record store, a similar sense of mortality is creeping upon the neighborhood comic book store. Last year, Comixology CEO David […]

Marvel Teases Cosmic Heroes with ReEvolution Initiative

Marvel Teases Cosmic Heroes with ReEvolution Initiative

With the announcement of Marvel’s new digital comics initiative, ReEvolution, comic book fans are also seeing the return of the Marvel Cosmic universe in the form of the Infinite Comics digital only imprint. Nova  will be a digital only title to start but there has been on word on whether or not that will be the […]

Cosby, Eliopoulos Round Up 'Cow Boy'

Cosby, Eliopoulos Round Up ‘Cow Boy’

The word “western” probably conjures up images of Clint Eastwood’s squinty-eyed mug wearing a Stetson and riding a horse. He probably says things like “Make my day” and “This here’s th’ end a’ th’ line, hombre.” You probably think of outlaws, bounty hunters and saloons. None of this sounds like the kind of thing that […]

NEWS: 'Batman Beyond' Returns in Digital First Format

NEWS: ‘Batman Beyond’ Returns in Digital First Format

After shaking up the comics world with the New 52, DC Comics is introducing another new publishing strategy to their arsenal: the digital first comic format complete with monthly print collection. Beginning in February 2012, Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond will be released in chapters online and then collected in a 48-page monthly book […]