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MOVIES Kabooooom is Excited for in 2016

This year promises to be a big one not only for comic book movies but science fiction, too. That’s roughly been the trend in Hollywood of late, and being that we here at Kabooooom are bunch of comic book, sci-fi-loving nerds, our choices for the movies we’re most excited to see in 2016 should come as no surprise. […]



[This review is spoiler-free!] The day has finally come, there are officially seven entries in the Star Wars saga and everyone’s lives are forever changed. This review will be short and sweet, not wasting any time recapping everything you already know. Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens is everything we wanted it to […]

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Once again Disney has taken to its theme parks for inspiration and brought us Tomorrowland. Unlike Pirates of the Caribbean, Tomorrowland is more than just a ride – it’s an entire section of a theme park. One would think that much material to go off of would lead to a rich format for storytelling, but they […]

Movie Review: BIG HERO 6

When Pixar came on the scene and every film they produced became certified gold, it seemed that Walt Disney Animation – the studio which produced the world’s first feature length animated film and countless classics since – was no longer the pinnacle of American animation. Disney (the corporation) acquired Pixar in 2006, clearly recognizing the […]