VENTURE BROS. Season 6 Episode 2 [Review]

[WARNING – This review contains some minor spoilers.] Finally faced with an arch-enemy of their own, Billy Whalen and Pete White have fully embraced the life of super scientists. Now going by the code names Quizboy and The Pink Pilgrim, they fight a never-ending battle against the evil billionaire, Augustus St. Cloud. But will that […]

VENTURE BROS. Season 6 Episode 1 [Review]

[WARNING – This review contains some minor spoilers.] The fortunes of the House of Venture have risen considerably in the wake of the destruction of the Gargantua-2 Space Station. True, super-scientist Dr. Jonas Venture Jr. died in the accident, but he died a hero’s death before cancer could claim his life. More importantly – at […]


For those who aren’t familiar with it, The Venture Bros. can be a difficult show to describe. Okay. To be fair one could describe it fairly easily as a send-up of boys’ adventure stories, superhero comic books, three decades worth of various Saturday Morning cartoon shows and pop culture in general. It’s about a world […]