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DOOM 2099 #1 & MORE! [Reviews]

This week’s Review Round-Up has Doom 2099 #1, Catalyst Prime: Seven Days #3, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #14 & Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Teen Titans.

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SECRET WARS #9 [Review]

The final chapter in Jonathan Hickman’s masterpiece, Secret Wars arrives with issue #9. The hardest thing to do, especially with Marvel, is have an ending to such a large scale crossover live up to the expectation set by the brilliant beginning. The stakes were even higher here as Secret Wars was ending all of the […]


Being a superhero offers a number of challenges that the average college student doesn’t have to deal with. Things like waking up to discover that you’ve been sent back in time five decades, your student housing no longer exists and that the people of the past are staring at you because of your strange futuristic […]

REVIEW: Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #6

REVIEW: Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #6

Written by JOHNATHAN HICKMAN Art by BRANDON PETERSON & ESAD RIBIC Colors by JOHN RAUCH & EDGAR DELGADO Letters by VC’S CLAYTON COWLES The series continues to astound as Jonathan Hickman juggles dense plots, solid characterization and multiple concepts. Add to the mix Brandon Peterson bringing some amazing amount of emotion to his pencils and the […]