That Rare Nerd Find: By The Vishanti What A Find

That Rare Nerd Find: By The Vishanti What A Find

Howdy fellow Kabooooom geeks, welcome to “That Rare Nerd Find” feature here At Kabooooom HQ. What is this feature exactly about you ask?! It’s about treasure, nerd treasure. Now as someone who has been collecting toys, comics, retro videogames, signed memorabilia, rare books, and original comic book art for pretty much his whole life, I […]

REVIEW: Fear Itself: The Fearless #9

Written by MATT FRACTION, CULLEN BUNN & CHRIS YOST Art by MARK BAGLEY, PAUL PELLETIER, DANNY MIKI & ANDY LANNING Colors by MATTHEW WILSON / Letters by CORY PETIT After eight issues of anticipation, we finally find out what Valkyrie intends to do with the hammers. However, it isn’t a revelation that her death has to […]

Tales from Counter-Earth: Selling What You'll Buy

Tales from Counter-Earth: Selling What You’ll Buy

(Editor’s Note: Ron Cacace is a lot of things; Captain Marvel aficionado, lactose intolerant, general do-gooder and perhaps most importantly for our purposes here, a comic book retailer in New Jersey. Tales from Counter-Earth will feature Ramblin’ Ron rambling on about the day-to-day grind of the comic book retail world and sometimes the generally good […]