REVIEW: Venom #13.1

REVIEW: Venom #13.1

Written by ROB WILLIAMS Art by LEE GARBETT Colors by ROB SCHWAGER / Letters by CLAYTON COWLES The title may say Venom, but this is a Ghost Rider book. Rob Williams, the current writer for the Rider, writes the script for this one and almost a third of the book is dedicated to Alejandra, the current […]

Pheleon Creations' Jessica Lau's Penchant for Plush Making

Pheleon Creations’ Jessica Lau’s Penchant for Plush Making

Hello my fellow Kaboooom geeks, your favorite friendly neighborhood Toys Editor, Zack here.  Welcome to our very first Toys feature interview! And what better way to start with than the lovely Jessica Lau from Pheleon Creations! I first discovered her on DeviantArt where I was immediately blown away by her custom plush work, especially Nightcrawler. […]

REVIEW: The Defenders #1

REVIEW: The Defenders #1

Written by MATT FRACTION Art by TERRY DODSON & RACHEL DODSON  Colors by SONIA OBACK Letters by VC’S CLAYTON COWLES I liked the initial Defenders story in Point One. But I haven’t been sold on anything Matt Fraction has written that’s not Casanova (and even that sometimes I flip-flop on) in a while. Despite that, […]

NEWS: Marvel Announces "New" Fantastic Four

NEWS: Marvel Announces a “New” Fantastic Four

Rick Remender, Rob Williams and Jeff Parker are bringing us a crossover of epic proportions in February 2012. The currently titled, “Venom Event” will find Venom, X-23, Red Hulk and Ghost Rider in Las Vegas acting as a new kind of Fantastic Four, spinning out of the foundation of ideas laid by Walt Simonson and […]

The Ultimate Nerd Guide to NYC by Buzzfeed

The ‘Ultimate Nerd Guide to NYC’ Gives Pop Culture Coordinates

Buzzfeed has put together an awesome Google Maps that lays out your favorite locales in NYC from all of your favorite comics, movies and TV shows. The best part is that it’s not just relegated to Manhattan! There are locations scattered across the outer boroughs to. You’ll find everything from Nightwing’s Secret HQ to the […]