DOCTOR WHO Series 10 Episode 11 [Review]

[The Following Review Contains SPOILERS!] Once, a long time from now, though that could mean the future just as easily as the past, The Doctor answered a summons to act as an executioner. It was a request he answered only because of the intended prisoner  – his greatest enemy and oldest friend, The Master, who was […]


Traveling on the TARDIS with The Doctor seemed like all fun and games for artist Gabby Gonzales at first. Now, having witnessed the death of a clone of her best friend, coupled with her acquiring a strange power she can barely comprehend, Gabby finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew about the mysterious man […]


Loneliness would be a constant companion to The Doctor if loneliness, by its nature, did not require a lack of companionship. Small wonder then that he sought out his old jamming partner Hattie, who has gone on to become one of the 40th Century’s most famous punk musicians. Hattie, in need of a break from […]

DOCTOR WHO Series 10 Episode 10 [Review]

[The Following Review Contains SPOILERS!] The disappearance of the Ninth Legion of the Roman Army is one of the more famous mysteries in the history of Western civilization. The most popular theory is that they were completely wiped out trying – and failing – to put down an insurrection of the people who would become The […]

DOCTOR WHO Series 10 Episode 8 [Review]

[The Following Review Contains SPOILERS!] Since before the earliest days of mankind – indeed, from the moment when the first amphibious life crawled out of the sea – the race of aliens known as The Monks have shepherded the destiny of the Earth. Benevolent and wise, The Monks have offered their support and council to humanity […]

DOCTOR WHO Series 10 Episode 7 [Review]

[The Following Review Contains SPOILERS!] I found myself dreading watching The Pyramid At The End Of The World when I noticed one name in the credits –  Peter Harness. Responsible for the worst episode of Series 8 – the uneven and unsubtle abortion parable Kill The Moon – as well as Series 9’s The Zygon Invasion, Harness […]

DOCTOR WHO: THE NINTH DOCTOR #13 [Advanced Review]

Once, Jack Harkness was a Time Agent – one of an elite group chosen to police the whole of space and time in the wake of The Last Great Time War and the disappearance of The Time Lords. Even among the Time Agents, who were generally considered to be the best of the best among […]