[WARNING – This review contains SPOILERS.] Superhero fiction owes a debt to Edgar Rice Burroughs it has yet to fully repay. One of the greatest writers of his age, many of Burroughs’ creations had a hand in inspiring the first superheroes. Before Superman was leaping tall buildings in a single bound, John Carter was jumping […]

DEJAH THORIS #1 [Review]

Warrior. Scientist. Princess. Dejah Thoris was well-regarded by the people of Helium – greatest of the cities of Barsoom. She had fought for the welfare of her people many times – both alone and alongside the Earthman John Carter, whom she took as a husband and elevated to Warlord of Helium. The people of Helium […]


One interesting aspect of Dynamite Entertainment’s John Carter: Warlord of Mars is that the book is very much an ensemble piece despite its title. Many issues have focused upon the warrior princess/scientist Dejah Thoris just as much as her Earthly husband.  And the series has done much to present their relationship as a partnership of […]

The Kabooooom! Pull List, 11.5.14

This week in our Pull List we suggest checking out ‘Princess Bubblegum’s new adventure, Bitter Sweets from Kate Leth and Zachary Sterling, the start of a new John Carter series from Ron Marz, and more!