[WARNING – This review will contain minor spoilers.] Wade Wilson was many things. Canadian. Ex-Special Forces. Mercenary. Asshole. But he definitely was not a hero. He would also have classified himself as a fighter rather than a lover before Vanessa entered the picture. She was a hooker with a heart of gold and some other parts […]


The idea of recreating a successful British television series for an American audience is hardly a new concept. Indeed, it happens far more often than one might think and enough of these adaptations are successful for it to be tried again and again, despite a number of rather infamous flops.  For every successfully Americanized The […]

TV Review: GOTHAM S01E01 “Pilot”

Any time the word “prequel” is thrown around, it instantly brings to mind THE prequels (Star Wars Episodes I-III), and the project in question is generally just as anticipated as it is feared.  When Gotham was first announced, many groaned a bit, fearful that the FOX Batman prequel series would muddy the mythology behind one […]