Comic Review: GREEN ARROW #39

Four months have passed since the creative team on Green Arrow changed and much has likewise changed in the reality of Green Arrow. Many of these changes – like the introduction of Felicity Smoak – have shifted the book toward something closer to the world of the television series, Arrow.  Yet other changes have brought […]

Comic Review: GREEN ARROW #35

Oliver Queen has had – to put it mildly – a hell of a year. It all began when he nearly lost his company and was framed for murder thanks to the machinations of one would-be super-villain. This drew Oliver into a world he didn’t know existed – a world of secretive families united by […]

COMIC REVIEW: Star Wars: Rebel Heist #1

The word heist is a simple synonym for a robbery.  Yet the word heist bears connotations of a specific type of caper – one involving an inordinate degree of planning and no small amount of daring-do while working against a cunning foe.  The idea of a heist story set in the Star Wars universe is […]