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THE MUPPETS Season 1 Premiere [Review]

Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller’s The Muppets from 2011 reminded us why we needed The Muppets in our lives again, and showed us that they fit right in with our modern world. Now ABC’s new sitcom/mockumentary, The Muppets offers viewers a more “adult” approach to the lovable characters we’ve all grown up loving. Kermit is now the executive producer for a late […]

Webcomic Wonders: Mahfood Talks 'Los Angeles Ink Stains'

Webcomic Wonders: Mahfood Talks ‘Los Angeles Ink Stains’

What It Is: Los Angeles Ink Stains is an autobiographical webcomic by Jim Mahfood, who has not only worked on comics, but also in live art, murals, advertising, and custom body-painting. In comics, Mahfood has worked on Kevin Smith’s Clerks, Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special, Kickpuncher (from the “Community” season one DVD) and more for every […]