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STARFIRE #1 [Review]

The Golden Princess of Tamaran has wallowed in ridiculous objectification for far too long. In Red Hood and the Outlaws, Koriand’r was relegated to an over-sexualized characterization that many readers found distasteful. With Convergence over and the DC Universe wide open, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti apply the entertaining scripts and smart humor we’ve seen in the ongoing Harley […]


There is a blue box. It is called the TARDIS. It can go anywhere in time and space. Sometimes it goes where it is meant to go, but it always goes where it needs to be. And when it goes where it needs to be instead of where it is meant to go, it also […]


The greatest advantage the forces of law and order possess has always been their ability to unite for a common cause.  Criminals, by contrast, can rarely agree upon much of anything or put aside their personal differences in favor of mutual goals.  At least, not long enough for any alliance to accomplish any lasting damage. […]

Comic Review: FUTURES END #13

You know those ensemble movies that come out around Valentine’s Day? The ones with the all-star cast that you know your going to have to stomach because your significant other thinks it’ll be a romantic way to spend some time together. No matter how many stars are packed into the movie it’s still an hour and […]