An Interview with Benjamin Glendenning, Creator of ‘Tin Star Tex’

Benjamin Glendenning is one of the many wonderful independent comic book creators to attend Tucson Comic Con this year and he was able to spare a few minutes to speak with us about his all-ages property, Tin Star Tex. You may remember Kabooooom’s interview with Benjamin last year, in which he described Tin Star Tex […]

An Interview with Justin Piatt and Zack Dolan of Unlikely Heroes Studios, Creators of ‘Super!’

Earlier this month Anne reviewed the very first issue of Super! from the up and coming publisher, Unlikely Heroes Studios. Spoiler, she loved it! So much so we asked Justin Piatt and Zack Dolan, the team behind Super! as well as Unlikely Heroes Studios, to come talk to Anne about Kickstarting their first issue, the […]

Curicon’s Matt Byrne Talks Social Media & the Future of Collecting

What is Curicon you ask? If you took the “red pill” you made the right choice, welcome to the newest social network for collectors! Curicon is an online haven for the true geeks and nerds to share their collections for all to see. A social network where you can comment, trade, buy, sell, recommend where […]