Chillingo Announces Worldwide Launch of Zya

Chillingo, an independent mobile games publisher and division of Electronic Arts announced the worldwide launch of developer, Music Mastermind’s free-to-play music creation game Zya on the App Store. Zya lays the foundation for future musicians and hobbyists to learn how to construct songs, create melodies, and understand what it is to make music.  Still being a new application on […]

EA and Hasbro Announce Two New Mobile Casino-Style Monopoly Games

In a statement, Electronic Arts and Hasbro announced that MONOPOLY Bingo and MONOPOLY Slots will be free to download on all all mobile platforms. “We’ve taken two of the most-time tested game mechanics—bingo and slots—and paired them with Monopoly, the world’s favorite game brand, to create two unique mobile experiences that will give fans a simple […]

Raising the Volume on Sound Design with Joe Thomas Cavers

Raising the Volume on Sound Design with Joe Thomas Cavers

Sound Design is an integral part of creating a video game. From the sounds of walking through a field to the satisfying click of a magazine entering our weapon, our gaming experience is solidified through effective use of sound. In an effort to learn a bit more about the subject, we contacted Joe Thomas Cavers, […]