The Comic Review Round-Up, 10.2.13 Edition

Welcome back to another edition of Kabooooom’s comic review round-up! It’s a light load this week with only two reviews, but both books promise to either please or infuriate depending on your outlook. Matt got his hands on the first issue of Top Cow’s new Samurai book, Bushido, and Anne’s off again to that galaxy […]

COMIC REVIEW: The Star Wars #1

Written by J.W. RINZLER/ Original Screenplay by GEORGE LUCAS/ Art by MIKE MAYHEW/ Colors by RAIN BEREDO & BRAD ANDERSON/ Published by DARK HORSE COMICS In The Star Wars #1, J.W. Rinzler and company bring to the world something that has very literally never been seen before: George Lucas’s first, rough draft of the screenplay […]