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Despite the explosive first issue of Dan Slott’s latest Amazing Spider-Man series, the story hasn’t gone anywhere new or really tapped into this whole international “Spidey-Network.” This isn’t to say these issues haven’t been great Spider-Man stories, they just haven’t fully lived up to what that first issue promised readers. Amazing Spider-Man #6 seems to be the first […]

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I’ve loved Spider-Man since I was just a little guy breaking into comics. As typical as it is, I connected to Peter Parker and all his geeky, imperfect sarcasm. I found and still find One More Day to be absolutely atrocious for many reasons that have been argued for nearly eight years in online forums. There’s […]

DAREDEVIL #18 [Review]

This Mark Waid/Chris Samnee Daredevil run has been an emotional roller coaster ride, and in issue 18 it comes to an end. Personally, I’ve gone back and forth during the run, most of the issues I really loved, while some I thought missed the mark a bit. Regardless, what they’ve managed with the character through […]

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UNCANNY X-MEN #35 [Review]

Just when you thought there were enough great mutants in the world, Brian Michael Bendis throws a together a whole new team of great mutants. Writers like Bendis are what allow 20th Century Fox to feel so confident in having enough characters to populate a whole movie universe with just one comic book franchise. With […]

DAREDEVIL #16 [Review]

With the Marvel universe as we know it coming to a close, almost all of Marvel’s titles are coming to an end. And even with the recent, popular, and nearly flawless Netflix series, this includes The Man Without Fear. But the difference between Daredevil and the many other series in their final issues is how […]