Wealthy businessman Maclolm Merlyn had it all. Then a random act of violence took his wife from him. Seeking direction, Malcolm found his way to an ancient temple in Nanda Parbat and was inducted into an order known as The League of Assassins. Dubbed “The Magician”, Malcolm was the first to be allowed to leave […]

arrow season 4 resurrection review

ARROW Season 4 Episodes 2 & 3 [Review]

As has been stated before, season 4 of Arrow has been shaping up to be a fine season. It has improved in many ways over the poorly rated third season and has so far delivered exciting episodes that show much promise. Season 3 of Arrow, while having some good moments, felt much like Avengers: Age of Ultron – where […]

Phoenix Comicon Brings The Fun

Phoenix Comicon may be over for another year, but there’s no doubt that attendees are still riding high on the geek vibes emitted by Arizona’s largest – and easily best – comic book convention.  The Valley of the Sun was more than prepared for the tens of thousands of attendees that descended upon it last […]