The Comic Review Round-Up, 11.13.13 Edition

Welcome back to the round-up! This week’s it’s lucky number seven as we’re rocking seven reviews! Featuring books like Image’s latest, Manifest Destiny and Umbral, to their classics like The Walking Dead, as well as Vertigo’s Coffin Hill, Marvel’s Fearless Defenders, Boom’s Candy Capers, and IDW’s Triple Helix. Whew! Toldja this round-up was jam-packed! MANIFEST […]

The Round-Up, 3.27.13 Edition

Welcome back to The Round-Up! This week we have an all Sarah Moran review block which contains issue 11 of Saga and the aftermath of the “Death of Everyone” arc in Invincible! INVINCIBLE #101 / Written by ROBERT KIRKMAN / Art by RYAN OTTLEY, CLIFF RATHBURN, and JOHN RAUCH / Letters by RUS WOOTON / […]

REVIEW: Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #6

REVIEW: Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #6

Written by JOHNATHAN HICKMAN Art by BRANDON PETERSON & ESAD RIBIC Colors by JOHN RAUCH & EDGAR DELGADO Letters by VC’S CLAYTON COWLES The series continues to astound as Jonathan Hickman juggles dense plots, solid characterization and multiple concepts. Add to the mix Brandon Peterson bringing some amazing amount of emotion to his pencils and the […]