An Interview with Joey Esposito, Writer of ‘Captain Ultimate’ and ‘Footprints’

Earlier this month, Marcus hyped Joey Esposito’s and Jonathan Moore’s Kickstarter campaign for their new comic, Footprints: Bad Luck Charm in Get Psyched On It! Now, Marcus chats one-on-one with Joey about the new full-color one-shot, his background in comics, and what inspires him to be involved with the comic industry. Take it away, Marcus! […]

Get Psyched On It! Joey Esposito Kickstarting More ‘Footprints’ – Donate Today!

Welcome to Get Psyched On It! This is the stuff we’re psyched about and why we you think should be, too! In 2011, Joey Esposito (Captain Ultimate) and Jonathan Moore published Footprints Vol. 1 through a Kickstarter campaign. The story fused hard-boiled mystery with characters from urban legend like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. […]