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FUTURE QUEST #1 [Review]

Future Quest #1 is the first series in a new collaboration between DC Comics and Hanna-Barbera, putting their iconic cartoon characters in brand-new adventures. And unlike a few of the other Hanna-Barbera series DC has planned, Future Quest isn’t interested in changing or updating its heroes. Instead, the series keeps the tone and design of […]

Comic Review: REBELS #1

Rebels #1 is a master class in how to establish character, setting and tone within the space of a single issue, while also breathing new life into one of the medium’s most neglected genres – the war comic. Set immediately prior to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, the creative team of Brian Wood, Andrea […]

Comic Review: TOOTH AND CLAW #1

Tooth and Claw defies easy description. To say that it is a fantasy epic would be accurate but utterly useless in conveying just what the story is about.  To describe its setting would be as passionless as composing a grocery list, merely naming-off such general, well-worn concepts as The Death of Magic and The Prophesied […]

The Comic Review Round-Up, 10.16.13 Edition

It’s a light week for the round-up, but what we lack in numbers we more than make up for in quality! We’ve got two review this week of a couple of must reads – Star Trek: Khan #1 from IDW and Zero #2 from Image. Take it away Matt and Marcus! STAR TREK: KHAN #1/ […]


THREE #1/ Written by KIERON GILLEN/ Art by RYAN KELLY/ Colors by JORDIE BELLAIRE/ Letters by CLAYTON COWLES/ Historical Consultant PROF. STEPHEN HODKINSON/ Published by IMAGE COMICS In the publicity leading up to the publication of Three, author Kieron Gillen explicitly stated that this book was meant to be a rebuttal of Frank Miller’s classic graphic […]

The Comic Review Round-Up, 9.18.13 Edition

Welcome to another installment of Kabooooom’s comic review round-up! It’s a super mixed bag today with reviews of the kid friendly Captain Ultimate #2, the spy thriller Zero #1 from Image, and X-Men: Legacy #17. Which is worth a read and which isn’t? Read on to find out! CAPTAIN ULTIMATE #2/ Written by JOEY ESPOSITO […]

DC’s Villains Month Round-Up – Week One

DC Comics’ Villains Month is upon us. We’ve read for months about the 3D covers and DC’s financing woes, but what really matters is the content. Each issue this month deals with the background story of a DC Universe villain. So what is worth checking out and what should be passed up? ACTION COMICS #23.1: […]