Valiant’s Joshua Dysart Talks Harbinger and Harbinger Wars

Comic book fans were given something to truly celebrate last year with the reboot of one of Valiant’s strongest and most popular titles – Harbinger. With Joshua Dysart taking the writing responsibilities, this reboot has done more than lived up to its predecessor – it has exceeded it. Now, with Valiant’s epic crossover Harbinger Wars […]

The Round-Up, 2.6.13 Edition

Welcome back to The Round-Up! This week, we have the zero issue for Harbinger, the debut issue of Jeff Lemire on Green Arrow and the second issue of the new Fionna & Cake series! ***** HARBINGER #0 / Written by JOSHUA DYSART / Art by MICO SUAYAN and PERE PERÉZ / Published by VALIANT COMICS […]

‘Summer of Valiant’ Begins in May with Four New Titles

Valiant Entertainment is making sure that no one forgets about them this summer despite not having a big, new summer blockbuster in theatres (…yet). The company is taking aim at the comic book consumer with their “Summer of Valiant” initiative. In preparation for the latest shakeup in the industry, Valiant has released two brand new […]

Valiant Entertainment’s ‘Harbinger’ Returns in June

Valiant Entertainment has announced that the second book in their reurn to the comic book world will be Harbinger, written by New York Times best-selling author Joshua Dysart (Unknown Soldier, BPRD) with art by Harvey award nominee Khari Evans (Immortal Iron Fist, Carbon Grey). Harbinger was originally  brought to life by Jim Shooter and David Lapham. […]