In Soviet Russia, Comic Reads You!


At last! Super! has finally returned to us! It’s been roughly 84 years since #3, and with another terrific issue the wait was well worth it. Super! #4 is a self-contained story, picking up not too long after #3 ended. It gets right to the point and quickly reacquaints old readers and introduces new ones […]

The Comic Review Round-Up, 11.27.13 Edition

Welcome back to Kabooooom’s weekly comic review round-up! We’ve got the first of J. Michael Straczynksi’s new Terminator series, Terminator: Salvation: The Final Battle up first, plus a the third issue of Unlikely Heroes Studios’ Super! and the finale to Marvel and Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity! TERMINATOR: SALVATION: THE FINAL BATTLE #1/ Written by J. MICHAEL […]


SUPER #2/ Written by ZACHARY DOLAN & JUSTIN PIATT/ Art by ZACHARY DOLAN/ Inks by LAURIE FOSTER/ Ink & Pencil Assistance by TARA KAPPEL/ Colors by EVERARDO OROZCO/ Color Assistance by LUDWIG OLIMBA/ Letters by JUSTIN PIATT/ Chief Henchman Work by EDWIN REYES/ Published by UNLIKELY HEROES STUDIOS Justin Piatt and Zack Dolan’s indie comic […]

An Interview with Justin Piatt and Zack Dolan of Unlikely Heroes Studios, Creators of ‘Super!’

Earlier this month Anne reviewed the very first issue of Super! from the up and coming publisher, Unlikely Heroes Studios. Spoiler, she loved it! So much so we asked Justin Piatt and Zack Dolan, the team behind Super! as well as Unlikely Heroes Studios, to come talk to Anne about Kickstarting their first issue, the […]


Written by ZACK DOLAN & JUSTIN PIATT/ Art by ZACK DOLAN/ Art Assistance by TARA KAPPEL/ Colors by EVERADO OROZCO/ Color Assistance by ESTELLA YAÑEZ/ Letters by JUSTIN PIATT/ Published by UNLIKELY HEROES STUDIOS Super!, the Kickstarter-funded debut work from Justin Piatt and Zachary Dolan’s Unlikely Heroes Studios, is a damn good comic and a […]