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CIVIL WAR II #1 [Review]

It’s finally here! After all the hype and ‘Road To Civil War’ tie-ins, we’ve reached Civil War II #1! The original Civil War story arc – now a major hit movie – represents a time in comic book fandom that was both exciting and divisive – can Marvel produce that same atmosphere again? Their Free Comic […]

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SPIDER-MAN #4 [Review]

As your resident Spider-Man super fan here at Kabooooom, I do my research on the web each week and see what the rest of the comic book community thinks of these books. In my recent findings I came across an interesting opinion: the Amazing Spider-Man series has made Peter Parker into, essentially, Iron Man, to allow […]

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SPIDER-MAN #1 [Review]

BOOM! Finally, Brian Michael Bendis’ Miles Morales book hits comic store shelves! We’ve seen Miles recently in some decent Avengers issues, but it did not fill the void left by the Ultimate Spider-Man series. Readers have suffered through a handful of delays as Marvel’s universe relaunches without having our second favorite Spidey return for too […]

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I’ve loved Spider-Man since I was just a little guy breaking into comics. As typical as it is, I connected to Peter Parker and all his geeky, imperfect sarcasm. I found and still find One More Day to be absolutely atrocious for many reasons that have been argued for nearly eight years in online forums. There’s […]