Doctor Pamela Isley has been many things in her life. A lover. A fighter. A hero. A villain. An eco-terrorist. A scientist. An agent of The Green. A protector of The Earth. She is not easily classified in literal or figurative terms, now being a hybrid of both plant and animal life. Small wonder she’s […]

Comic Review: ARMOR HUNTERS #2

I’m not typically a fan of comic stories that hinge on the mass destruction of real-world cities, but in the case of Valiant’s Armor Hunters event miniseries, writer Robert Venditti makes it work. Armor Hunters #2 opens with Mexico City no more and the entire planet at risk of facing the same fate. The stakes […]

Comic Review: SUPERMAN #32

Superman #32 feels like the book we should have received 31 issues ago. Marvel royalty John Romita Jr. lands at DC in a big way this month, joining the company’s Chief Creative Officer and noted character rehab specialist Geoff Johns. Together, the superstar duo tackle the longstanding albatross of mainstream comics: what to do with […]