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Let’s not belabor the point any longer – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is a bad movie. While watching it there are momentary flashes which suggest what this film might have been, but they’re never nearly enough to rescue it.


SUPERMAN #41 [Review]

The past few months have brought about a number of changes in Clark Kent’s life. His pal Jimmy Olsen discovered that he is Superman, which was a bit of an adjustment. Luckily it hasn’t changed their relationship nearly as much as Clark feared it would. On the Superman side of things, Clark discovered a new power […]


Success. Through a combination of Batman’s tenacity and magics even John Constantine was reluctant to call upon, the tyrant Superman has been brought down.  Trapped in a magical sleep that not even The Spectre can cut through, Superman does what he always did. He dreams. He dreams of a better way. He dreams of a […]


Comic Review: SUPERMAN #33

Two solid issues of Superman in a row? The new DC, there’s no stopping them now! The Man of Steel’s refresh era continues in Superman #33, with writer Geoff Johns and long-time Marvel artist John Romita Jr. bringing readers part two of their “Man of Tomorrow” story. While not quite as explosive as their first […]

REVIEW: Superman #4

REVIEW: Superman #4

Written by GEORGE PEREZ Art byJESUS MERINO  Colors by BRIAN BUCCELLATO & BRETT SMITH Letters by CARLOS M. MANGUAL This issue of Superman leaves a lasting impression of density. This book has a lot going on, rewarding the careful and patient reader. George Perez’s plot has added a layer with each issue, slowly bringing to […]

REVIEW: Superman #1

REVIEW: Superman #1

Written by GEORGE PEREZ / Art by JESUS MERINO  Colors by BRIAN BUCCELLATO / Letters by CARLOS M. MANGUAL The curious reader might be frustrated that there is no answer to the question of, “Why does Superman need kneepads?” in this book. But little else is left to the imagination as Superman#1 paints the entire world […]

REVIEW: Action Comics #1

REVIEW: Action Comics #1

Written by GRANT MORRISON / Art by RAGS MORALES & RICK BRYANT Colors by BRAD ANDERSON / Letters by PATRICK BROSSEAU Superman makes his first full appearance in the DC relaunch and Grant Morrison seems committed to bring the quintessential Kryptonian back to his roots in Action Comics #1. In Grant Morrison’s recently released book […]