Golarion is a world of magic. A world of danger. But also a world of wealth and glory for those brave enough to seek them out. And of all the adventurers who roam Golarion, none are so famous as The Pathfinder Society. A guild of explorers and wanderers, The Pathfinder Society is strict in their […]

COMIC REVIEW: Skullkickers #24

SKULLKICKERS #24 / Written by RON MARZ, ADAM WARREN, TODD DEZAGO & JIM ZUB / Art by STJEPAN SEJIC, REMY “EISU” MOKHTAR, JEFF ”CHAMBA” CRUZ & LAR DESOUZA / Letters by MARSHALL DILLON / Published by IMAGE COMICS, INC. Skullkickers is about two mercenaries whose collective intelligence makes Conan The Barbarian look like a Rhodes […]