10 Best Marvel NOW! Comics

In October 2012, Marvel Comics relaunched several of their ongoing titles under the banner of Marvel NOW!  They also began introducing new titles into the mix.  Today, Marvel NOW! is in its second wave, and with so much flux, how do we know what’s good and what’s bad?  Here’s a list of what we think […]

Comic Review: ELEKTRA #2

Elektra deserves a serious, action-filled, beautifully drawn comic. In Elektra #2, Blackman, Del Mundo, and D’Alfonso show that their combine strength can expose Elektra’s potential as a headlining character. Sure, Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz showed the potential Elektra has as the star of her own book almost 30 years ago in Elektra: Assassin. That, […]

The Editor’s Notes: Marvel NOW!’s Failure of the Fearless Defenders

The Editor’s Notes is an opinion column allowing our writers to express their honest feelings about comic books, the comic book industry, and all that it inspires. The views expressed within belong solely to their author. Last week, Fearless Defenders went out not with a satisfying bang but with a very confused whimper, but on […]

Meet Kamala Khan; the New Teenage, Shape-Shifting, Muslim Ms. Marvel

There’s no doubt the Marvel NOW! soft relaunch has benefited the publisher and its characters, and none more so than Carol Danvers, former Ms. Marvel recently promoted to Captain Marvel. Her solo title from Kelly Sue Deconnick has not only sold well but established a strong fan following, the Carol Corps. And it’s a fanbase […]

REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy #3

Written by BRAIN MICHAEL BENDIS Art by STEVE MCNIVEN, SARA PICHELLI & JOHN DELL Colors by JUSTIN PONSOR Letters by CORY PETIT Brian Michael Bendis continues his epic space opera with this week’s Guardians of the Galaxy #3. Though it is not the biggest hit of Marvel NOW!, readers have taken to this series very quickly. […]

REVIEW: Hawkeye #10

Written by MATT FRACTION Art by FRANCISCO FRANCAVILLA Colors by FRANCISCO FRANCAVILLA Letters by CHRIS ELIOPOULOS, CLAYTON COWLES I’m seeing purple! That can only mean that the new Hawkeye comic is out, bringing with it the latest Clint Barton misadventures. Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye is something that is astounding as it now creates a new fan-favorite in Clint Barton. It’s a […]