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The future of the MCU looks very bright in the hands of the Russos, with Captain America: Civil War setting a new blueprint for the superhero films that follow.

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ANT-MAN [Review]

Coming after the last half-dozen Marvel Studios efforts full of explosive events and potentially world-ending catastrophes, Ant-Man is a welcome palette cleanser that makes the most of its smaller scale. Not since Iron Man has Marvel released a movie this accessible, with a (relatively) light and breezy tone as likely to appeal to kids as […]


‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ proves a worthy successor to ‘The Avengers,’ no matter how sprawling and convoluted the Marvel Cinemative Universe has become.

TV Review: AGENT CARTER Premiere

Never before has a character so obscure felt so in demand. Yet, here we are, with Marvel’s Agent Carter putting one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s few, prominent women characters front and center. And while there are many Marvel character equally deserving of their own show – and perhaps a few even more so – […]