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You may remember Lara Croft from her 90s video game series or you may remember her from the two action-thrillers starring Angelina Jolie, or maybe from the highly successful Tomb Raider (2013) game that re-launched the heroine. Either way, Lara Croft is a classic video game heroine that has recently been starring in her own […]

COMIC REVIEW: Conan the Avenger #1

CONAN THE AVENGER #1/ Written by FRED VAN LENTE/ Art by BRIAN CHING / Colors by MICHAEL ATIYEH / Letters by RICHARD STARKINGS & COMICRAFT / Published by DARK HORSE COMICS Shumballa – a city in turmoil! There has always been tension between the native Gallahs and the Stygian-born Chagas – the elite caste who […]