DOCTOR WHO Series 10 Episode 12 [Review]

[This review contains SPOILERS!] There is no way to discuss The Doctor Falls without some degree of spoilage. Finding an image from the episode to serve as a teaser for this review was a chore and a half. Even the title itself is a dead giveaway – pun very much intended. The last episode opened with The […]

DOCTOR WHO Series 10 Episode 11 [Review]

[The Following Review Contains SPOILERS!] Once, a long time from now, though that could mean the future just as easily as the past, The Doctor answered a summons to act as an executioner. It was a request he answered only because of the intended prisoner  – his greatest enemy and oldest friend, The Master, who was […]

DOCTOR WHO Series 10 Episode 8 [Review]

[The Following Review Contains SPOILERS!] Since before the earliest days of mankind – indeed, from the moment when the first amphibious life crawled out of the sea – the race of aliens known as The Monks have shepherded the destiny of the Earth. Benevolent and wise, The Monks have offered their support and council to humanity […]

DOCTOR WHO Series 9 Episode 2 [Review]

The Doctor has made many enemies in his travels across time and space. But none of them have proven quite so deadly or as resilient as The Daleks. A race of mutants, bred to be ruthless and placed into nigh-indestructible tank-like vehicles upon birth, their warmongering has toppled civilizations and united whole star systems against […]

TV Review: DOCTOR WHO S8 Finale “Dark Water”/”Death in Heaven”

Here it is, the Doctor Who season final! This is normally a time for excitement, awe and wonder, but instead we were given “Dark Water” and “Death in Heaven”. Turn on your emotional inhibitors folks, because this is a story for us all to forget. “Dark Water” had all the components of a good Doctor […]