CON MAN Season 2 Episodes 7-8 [Review]

[WARNING – This Con Man Review Contains SPOILERS!] The bad news is that despite having wowed the director with his audition for the lead role in Doctor Cop Lawyer, actor Wray Nearly is still neck-in-neck in the race to be cast as Dr. Officer Blade Slater Esquire. And his competition, naturally, is a Hemsworth. One of […]

CON MAN Season 2 Episodes 1-2 [Review]

[WARNING – This Con Man Review Contains SPOILERS!] 13 years ago, the television series Spectrum premiered to rave reviews and critical acclaim. Naturally, like all truly great science-fiction shows, it was canceled by executives who thought it was too cerebral. Despite its relatively short life on-screen, the series achieved cult status and developed a devout […]

CON MAN Season 1 Episodes 11-13 [Review]

[WARNING – This Review Contains SPOILERS!] It is a banner day for SPECTRUM fans all over the world! The lost footage of the final episode – all five minutes of it – has been recovered! What’s more, the show’s creator, PJ Haarsma, has been allowed a chance to complete the episode… … on Dutch television. […]

CON MAN Season 1 Episodes 8-10 [Review]

[WARNING – This Review Contains SPOILERS!] Wray Nerely always considered video games beneath him. Sure, he’d done a little voice work for some quickly canceled cartoon years ago. But grunting into a microphone, pretending to get hurt isn’t real acting! Still, a paycheck is a paycheck and he can’t afford to be choosy. Besides, they […]

CON MAN Season 1 Episodes 5-7 [Review]

[WARNING – This Review Contains SPOILERS!] Another weekend. Another hotel. Another convention. This weekend finds actor Wray Nerely at Ex-Con, where things are already going against him. His convention manager, Bobbie, had his hotel room downgraded because she believes that getting the convention to give you the difference in cash is somehow a victory. And […]