CON MAN Season 2 Episodes 7-8 [Review]

[WARNING – This Con Man Review Contains SPOILERS!] The bad news is that despite having wowed the director with his audition for the lead role in Doctor Cop Lawyer, actor Wray Nearly is still neck-in-neck in the race to be cast as Dr. Officer Blade Slater Esquire. And his competition, naturally, is a Hemsworth. One of […]

CON MAN Season 2 Episodes 1-2 [Review]

[WARNING – This Con Man Review Contains SPOILERS!] 13 years ago, the television series Spectrum premiered to rave reviews and critical acclaim. Naturally, like all truly great science-fiction shows, it was canceled by executives who thought it was too cerebral. Despite its relatively short life on-screen, the series achieved cult status and developed a devout […]

CON MAN Season 1 Episodes 11-13 [Review]

[WARNING – This Review Contains SPOILERS!] It is a banner day for SPECTRUM fans all over the world! The lost footage of the final episode – all five minutes of it – has been recovered! What’s more, the show’s creator, PJ Haarsma, has been allowed a chance to complete the episode… … on Dutch television. […]