ICYMI – Television News 9.13.13

Every once in awhile, so much television news is released in a week that it is hard for everyone to keep up with, and this week was one of those weeks!  We here at Kabooooom have gathered all of the most interesting information for your convenience! The Witches of East End Are on Fire in […]

THE NEW SCUM: What is "Comics Journalism?" Part 1

THE NEW SCUM: What is “Comics Journalism?” Part 1

In this installment, Pierce talks about the definition of “comics journalism” and considers our hunger to know everything first and ask questions later. This is the New Scum. What is journalism? Merriam-Webster defines journalism as “the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media.” That makes it sounds like ust about any blog […]

Sequart Debuts New Warren Ellis Movie Trailer

NEWS: Sequart Debuts Warren Ellis Movie Trailer

Sequart, the makers of Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, have debuted a new trailer for their Warren Ellis documentary, Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts. As with anything that involves Mr. Ellis, this trailer is incredibly, entertainingly NSFW. The films  spans Ellis’ entire life and features the most extensive interview Ellis himself has ever given as well […]