One might think that having super-speed would make time-management a breeze. And it does have benefits beyond being able to do your chores in a fraction of the time.  There’s also unexpected pleasures like super speed allowing you to savor every last minute of sleep before the alarm clock goes off, as if each minute […]


The father of sword-and-sorcery may be dead, but the spirit of Robert E. Howard burns brightly in this quarterly anthology series from Dark Horse Comics.

Comic Review: DEEP GRAVITY #1

From the moment they open Deep Gravity, science-fiction fans will find themselves in comfortable territory.  The title page gives us the definition of a few basic scientific terms and explanations of various phenomena, such as what deep gravity is and how a gravity well works.  We also have the setting established with a brief text […]

The Comic Review Round-Up, 12.11.13 Edition

This week the round-up is back with reviews of Dark Horse’s Brain Boy #0, plus the latest from Marvel’s newest crossover event, Inhumanity, Mighty Avengers #4 and Inhumanity: Awakening #1. BRAIN BOY #0/ Written by FRED VAN LENTE/ Art by FREDDIE WILLIAMS II/ Colors by EGO/ Letters by NATE PIEKOS OF BLAMBOT/ Published by DARK […]

DC’s Villains Month Round-Up – Week Three

DC Comics’ Villains Month is upon us. We’ve read for months about the 3D covers and DC’s financing woes, but what really matters is the content. Each issue this month deals with the background story of a DC Universe villain. So what is worth checking out and what should be passed up? [Missed week one? […]