the muppets bear left then bear write review

THE MUPPETS Season 1 Episode 3 [Review]

The Muppets on ABC is in full swing as “Bear Left, Then Bear Write” takes a stab at Kermit and Fozzie’s relationship. Fozzie writes a terrible sketch and Kermit is afraid of hurting his bear’s feelings. He offers him an alternative route for the sketch; telling Fozzie he should make the sketch into a movie. […]

‘Parks and Recreation’ Takes a Hiatus (Updated)

Update: In response to the recent news of Parks and Recreation’s break, Adam Scott (who plays Ben Wyatt in the series), responded via Twitter to calm the fans’ nerves a bit: Parks&Rec fans don’t worry, that Vulture article is misleading–we are not on “hiatus” at all… — Adam Scott (@mradamscott) October 22, 2013 …will still […]

New to Netflix – Parks and Recreation Season 5

Season 5 of Parks and Recreation has finally hit Netflix streaming service, and just in time for the newest season on television. Now is the time to get caught up, as season 5 is definitely the strongest in the series so far and viewers do not want to miss this season. At the end of […]

TV REVIEW: Parks and Recreation Goes to London!

Parks and Recreation is nothing short of a comedy train, and viewers are the passengers. The season 6 premiere proves this as the characters come back in full force, ready to give fans the giggles. The actors are obviously having a blast performing their characters, and it almost appears that they’ve been anxious to get back […]