REVIEW: Nightwing #22

Written by KYLE HIGGINS/Art by WILL CONRAD/Colors by ANDREW DALHOUSE/Letters by CARLOS M. MANGUAL/Cover by BRETT BOOTH/Published by DC COMICS Attention all bad guys in the Windy City: Watch out, Nightwing is in town! A while back Dick Grayson caught wind his parents’ murderer, Tony Zucco, was hiding in Chicago. This issue, Nightwing decides to […]

REVIEW: Nightwing #4

REVIEW: Nightwing #4

Written by KYLE HIGGINS Art by TREVOR McCARTHY Colors by GUY MAJOR / Letters by WES ABBOTT Breaking off from the main story, Nightwing #4 is a one-and-done story featuring Batgirl, a shape shifting microchip thief, and Trevor McCarthy on art. Dick is with Raya, his childhood crush, in the circus train in Miami. They’re talking […]

REVIEW: Batgirl #3

REVIEW: Batgirl #3

Written by GAIL SIMONE Art by ARDIAN SYAF & VICENTE CIFUENTES  Colors by ULISES ARREOLA / Letters by DAVID SHARPE It was bound to happen eventually. It’s the first appearance of Nightwing in this Batgirl series and it’s got just as much drama and snark as I could have hoped for.The issue picks up right where […]

REVIEW: Batman #2

REVIEW: Batman #2

Written by SCOTT SNYDER / Art by GREG CAPULLO & JONATHAN GLAPION Colors by FCO PLASCENSCIA / Letters by RICHARD STARKINGS & COMICRAFT – JIMMY BETANCOURT If the relaunch has done anything, it’s refocused DC’s line in a way that makes not only most of their entire line cohesive, but most of the books of […]

NEWS: Two Arkham City DLC Packs Officially Confirmed, Priced

NEWS: Arkham City DLC Packs Officially Confirmed, Priced

After the various photos, concept art and achievement lists were found over the internet the last few weeks, Rocksteady Studios has officially confirmed that Nightwing will be playable in all Batman: Arkham City challenge maps! They have also announced that the DLC bundle for Nightwing, which also includes the Wayne Manor and Main Hall maps, […]

The Ultimate Nerd Guide to NYC by Buzzfeed

The ‘Ultimate Nerd Guide to NYC’ Gives Pop Culture Coordinates

Buzzfeed has put together an awesome Google Maps that lays out your favorite locales in NYC from all of your favorite comics, movies and TV shows. The best part is that it’s not just relegated to Manhattan! There are locations scattered across the outer boroughs to. You’ll find everything from Nightwing’s Secret HQ to the […]

NEWS: Images of Nightwing Surface From 'Arkham City'

NEWS: Images of Nightwing Surface From ‘Arkham City’

This past weekend images of achievements popped up online which seemed to show that Nightwing would be a playable character in Batman: Arkham City. Earlier today concept art and in-game renders of Nightwing have been revealed. With this addition there will be four playable characters in Arkham City: Batman, Nightwing, Robin and Catwoman. Found via