This issue is something of a disappointment after the first special, with the characterization being paper thin and the story fairly standard stuff for a team series. Taken as a work of commentary however, the book becomes a brilliant piece of satire, albeit it possibly unintentionally. I can’t say I liked it much but neither did I dislike it.

COMIC REVIEW: Earth 2 #19

EARTH 2 #19/ Script By TOM TAYLOR/ Art By NICOLA SCOTT & ROBSON ROCHA/ Inks by TREVOR SCOTT & OCLAIR ALBERT/ Published by DC COMICS From its first issue, Earth 2 has been a surprising series. Readers were treated to the return of several classic character concepts from the Golden Age of Comics but with […]

The Round-Up, 7.10.13 Edition

Welcome to the Round-Up! It’s all DC this week as Marcus Hammond leads us through the beginning of the Trinity War, updates us on how Ales Kot is handling the Suicide Squad, and Sarah Moran brings in a blast from the past with Batman 66! ***** JUSTICE LEAGUE #22/Written by GEOFF JOHNS/Art by IVAN REIS/Inks […]

REVIEW: Demon Knights #1

REVIEW: Demon Knights #1

Written by PAUL CORNELL / Art by DIOGENES NEVES & OCLAIR ALBERT Colors by MARCELO MAIOLO / Letters by JARED K. FLETCHER The DC relaunch has not only created new titles and creative teams but has placed groups of titles under certain banners. there are the Super family books, the Bat family books etc. but […]