From the beginning of the universe to the end of time itself, one immortal has made it his duty to fight for those who cannot. He is spoken of in the legends of trillions of worlds in billions of languages.  He has been awarded titles such as The Oncoming Storm and The Bringer of Darkness […]

This Damned Band 1 Teaser

THIS DAMNED BAND #1 [Advanced Review]

Japan. July 1974. The rock-band Motherfather (dubbed “the least depressing feature of the modern ruins” by Creem magazine) have just hit the 28th stop on their latest world tour. Some of the boys are barely holding it together despite a loyal harem of wives and groupies seeing to their needs and their scary evil manager […]

Comic Review: WOLVERINE #12

Wolverine has faced a lot of challenges during Paul Cornell’s run on the title. He’s lost his healing factor, been humiliated both physically and emotionally, and has faced his fear of death.  In Wolverine #12, Wolverine’s journey comes full circle in a surprisingly well done final issue. It has been awkward to watch one of Marvel’s […]

COMIC REVIEW: Doctor Who Special 2013

DOCTOR WHO SPECIAL 2013/ Written By PAUL CORNELL/ Art By JIMMY BROXTON/ Letters By SHAWN LEE/ Published by IDW PUBLISHING There is a long association between Doctor Who and Christmas. The First Doctor famously broke the fourth wall in order to wish “a Happy Christmas to all of you at home” at the end of […]

REVIEW: Stormwatch #6

REVIEW: Stormwatch #6

Written by PAUL CORNELL Art by MIGUEL SEPULVEDA Colors by ALEX SINCLAIR & PETE PANTAZIS Letters by ROB LEIGH Through the first five issues, Paul Cornell has consistently managed to engage and entertain with Stormwatch. Therefore it is utterly disappointing, that we are given such a subpar finale to the first arc. In perhaps the most […]