Superman Leviathan Rising #1 Teaser


Leviathan may be rising, but this (anything but) special crashes and burns exiting the gate before it can get onto the runway.

internation iron man 1 review header


Comic books are all about set up and execution, two things at which Brian Michael Bendis is exceptional. The forward to International Iron Man #1 is one sentence… ONE SENTENCE! That’s all any reader with even the tiniest knowledge of Iron Man needs to jump into this book, and that in itself is impressive. Bendis […]

magneto 19 review header

MAGNETO #19 [Review]

With all the excitement and drama going on with Secret Wars, Marvel is still wrapping up a few characters in their final 616-universe moments. Of those characters, Magneto still has a lot going on. Recently the “Master of Magnetism” has gone pretty dark, almost as dark as his current costume. Now that the world knows […]

The Comic Review Round-Up, 11.22.13 Edition

Welcome back to the round-up! This week’s iteration is a mostly Marvel week, with reviews for Avengers #23 and Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #2, plus a little Image action with Larime Taylors A Voice in the Dark. A VOICE IN THE DARK #1/ By LARIME TAYLOR / Produced by TOP COW Productions / Published […]

REVIEW: America’s Got Powers #2

Written by JONATHAN ROSS Art by BRYAN HITCH, ANDREW CURRIE AND PAUL NEARY Colors by PAUL MOUNTS Letters by CHRIS ELIOPOULOS When comparing America’s Got Powers to Marvel’s Avengers vs. X-Men or DC’s The New 52, it’s easy to wonder what went wrong with the big name titles. Here, Jonathon Ross and all of the […]