DOCTOR WHO Series 10 Episode 2 [Review]

[The Following Review Contains SPOILERS!] When asked where she wanted to go on her first proper outing in The TARDIS, Bill didn’t hesitate in picking The Future over The Past. She wanted to see if humanity was happy in the future. Within the blink of an eye, The Doctor and Bill were hundreds of years in […]

DOCTOR WHO Series 10 Episode 1 [Review]

[The Following Review Contains SPOILERS!] Bill Potts is a canteen worker at St. Luke’s University in Bristol. Smart but never applying to go to university herself, she still found herself sneaking into the lectures of one of St. Luke’s more infamous presences – a professor known only as The Doctor. The Doctor is a bit of […]

DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special 2015 [Review]

[WARNING: The Following Review Contains SPOILERS!] River Song has a rather special relationship with The Doctor. The first time he met her was the last time she met him, but The Doctor trusted her immediately because she knew his real name and possessed a sonic screwdriver. He met her many times over the centuries, slowly learning […]

DOCTOR WHO Series 9 Episode 12 [Review]

[WARNING: The Following Review Contains SPOILERS!] There was a prophecy among the Time Lords of Gallifrey. Indeed, it was more warning than prophecy. It said that one day there would be a hybrid of two great warrior races and that this hybrid would go on to conquer Gallifrey and stand in its ruins at the end […]

DOCTOR WHO Series 9 Episode 11 [Review]

[WARNING: The Following Review Contains SPOILERS!] Death has always been The Doctor’s most constant companion. Though he’s traveled with any number of interesting people, Death has always traveled with him. More often than not Death took The Doctor’s enemies but all too frequently Death also took those innocents who got in the way. And, on a […]

DOCTOR WHO Series 9 Episode 9 [Review]

[WARNING: The Following Review Contains SPOILERS!] Sleep No More is the first stand-alone episode of Doctor Who’s 9th Series. It is also one of the most paradoxical episodes in the show’s history. Writer Mark Gatiss tries to do too much with this script and yet does not do enough. There is no easy way to summarize Sleep […]

DOCTOR WHO Series 9 Episode 8 [Review]

[WARNING: The Following Review Contains SPOILERS!] The Zygon Invasion has begun! A militant group of the shape-shifting alien race have taken over UNIT and replaced certain key figures. Among these are Clara Oswald – The Doctor’s most recent companion – whose form has been taken on by the Zygon rebel leader, “Bonnie”. The rebels’ goal is […]