Comic Review: SPIDER-MAN 2099 #5

Original Spider-Man 2099 artist Rick Leonardi reunites with writer Peter David! Cause for celebration, right? Unfortunately, no. This feels more like a fill-in issue (which it is) than an epic reunion. Leonardi’s art is serviceable yet lackluster, and compared to his thrilling work on the original title the results are nothing short of disappointing. David’s […]

Comic Review: SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1

We need the old Spider-Man 2099. We need his magic. Miguel O’Hara swings back into his own monthly title this week in Spider-Man 2099 #1, with none other than co-creator Peter David returning to handle writing duties. The first issue marks a serviceable yet somewhat muted return for the character, with flat plot points and […]

REVIEW: The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger – The Way Station #4

Plot by ROBIN FURTH Script by PETER DAVID Art by LAURENCE CAMPBELL & RICHARD ISANOVE Letters by JOE SABINO Issue four of The Way Station continues the comic adaptation of one of the standout chapters of Stephen King’s premier Dark Tower novel, The Gunslinger. The series gives us the first comic representation of Jake Chambers, […]

NEWS: New 'Rocketeer Adventures' Coming in March

New ‘Rocketeer Adventures’ Coming in March

IDW Publishing has announced that a second volume of their Rocketeer Adventures anthology series will be released in March 2012. The first volume was stellar, teaming excellent creators together to bring Dave Steven’s incredible creation back to the printed page. The new volume boasts a bevy of talent including Kyle Baker, J. Scott Campbell, Eric Canete, Paul Dini, Michael Golden,Dave […]