10 Best Marvel NOW! Comics

In October 2012, Marvel Comics relaunched several of their ongoing titles under the banner of Marvel NOW!  They also began introducing new titles into the mix.  Today, Marvel NOW! is in its second wave, and with so much flux, how do we know what’s good and what’s bad?  Here’s a list of what we think […]

COMIC REVIEW: Black Widow #1

BLACK WIDOW #1/ Written by NATHAN EDMONDSON/ Art by PHIL NOTO/ Letters by CLAYTON COWLES/ Published by MARVEL COMICS At last! At long, long last, Natasha Romanov finally has her own book again. Granted, this book should have been out two years ago – a little late on the Marvel Cinematic Universe synergy there, guys! […]

Creators Pull Back the Curtains on ‘Creator Owned Heroes’

The tagline says it all “”Two Great Comics – Interviews – Cosplay and More!” Creator Owned Heroes creators Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Phil Noto, Steve niles and Kevin Mellon unveiled the front and back covers for the first issue of the project from Image Comics via Twitter. Looks almost like another mag in the vein […]