Kabooooom! Goes the Podcast: Episode III

Kabooooom! Goes the Podcast! – Episode III

[soundcloud id=’24547980′ width=’100%’] Kabooooom! Goes the Podcast – Episode III – “Return of the Podcast” Date: 9/30 Podcast Notes: We talk about the end of DC’s New 52 #1s, Ultimate Spider-Man, the release of X-Men Destiny and manga Blue Exorcist! Plus Kabooooom Director of Global Marketing and Communications, Kevin McAuley, joins us for the first […]

Kabooooom! Goes the Dynamite Podcast - Episode II

Kabooooom! Goes the Dynamite – Episode II

[soundcloud id=’24025651′ width=’100%’] Kabooooom! Goes the Dynamite Podcast – Episode II – “The Ghost of Podcasts Past” Date: 9/16 Podcast Notes: This time around we discuss the popularity of anime and manga in the United States and how American publishers are taking to the style like never before, week two of DC’s New 52, PIGS, […]