The Comics Review Round-Up, 8.21.13 Edition

Welcome again to Kabooooom’s weekly comics review round-up! In this edition, Marcus and Ann take a hard look at two of Marvel’s offerings, Thunderbolts #14 and X-Men #4. While Matthew, delves into a children’s title comic book readers of all ages will enjoy with Gestalt Comics’, The Deep: Here Be Dragons #2. THUNDERBOLTS #14/ Story […]

REVIEW: Venom #13.1

REVIEW: Venom #13.1

Written by ROB WILLIAMS Art by LEE GARBETT Colors by ROB SCHWAGER / Letters by CLAYTON COWLES The title may say Venom, but this is a Ghost Rider book. Rob Williams, the current writer for the Rider, writes the script for this one and almost a third of the book is dedicated to Alejandra, the current […]

NEWS: Marvel Announces "New" Fantastic Four

NEWS: Marvel Announces a “New” Fantastic Four

Rick Remender, Rob Williams and Jeff Parker are bringing us a crossover of epic proportions in February 2012. The currently titled, “Venom Event” will find Venom, X-23, Red Hulk and Ghost Rider in Las Vegas acting as a new kind of Fantastic Four, spinning out of the foundation of ideas laid by Walt Simonson and […]