the last ship season 2 finale review

THE LAST SHIP Season 2 Finale [Review]

[WARNING – This review contains SPOILERS.] The Last Ship has concluded its second season run, but was the pay off worth it? One thing that has always been interesting about The Last Ship is it’s not afraid to take chances and very seldom plays it safe with regard to its storylines. And in its final […]

the last ship friendly fire review

THE LAST SHIP Season 2 Episode 10 [Review]

[WARNING – This review contains MAJOR SPOILERS.] “Friendly Fire” begins hours after the end of the previous episode where we saw the dramatic death of the mad scientist Niels at the hand of Dr. Scott, having injected him with a serum that removed the genome that protected him from the Red Flu. Most of this […]

the last ship heavy lies the head review dr. scott

THE LAST SHIP Season 2 Episode 9 [Review]

[WARNING – This review contains MAJOR SPOILERS.] With the mad scientist Niels (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) in custody aboard the Nathan James, he’s enlisted to help Dr.Scott (Rhona Mitra) figure out how to make an airborne version of the Red Flu cure. Meanwhile, Captain Chandler (Eric Dane) and a few other crew members of the Nathan James […]

the last ship season 2 premiere review header

THE LAST SHIP S2 Premiere [Review]

The Last Ship – TNT’s much lauded television show that premiered last summer to stellar reviews and high ratings – returned this past weekend for its sophomore season. The Last Ship is a post-apocalyptic show that very much wants to distance itself from other post-apocalyptic media, and some of the main complaints from its first […]

the last ship recap header

THE LAST SHIP Season 1 [Recap]

This Sunday, TNT’s highly acclaimed show, The Last Ship will return for its second season. To bring those of you who may have missed out season 1 up to speed, we’ve compiled here a brief recap of the show thus far. The Last Ship follows the USS Nathan James, a NAVY destroyer commanded by Captain Tom […]