Stephanie Brown is not a superhero. Not anymore. Superheroes, in Stephanie’s considerable experience, are more concerned about the next fight with the next costumed madman than they are about people they supposedly protect. It’s a lesson that was driven home to Stephanie following the loss of the love of her life, Tim Drake, and a […]

The Comic Review Round-Up, 10.9.13 Edition

This week’s installment of Kabooooom’s comic review round-up is a real treat! Seriously, this round-up is chocked full of goodies. From the premiere of Rocket Girl to the Fearless Defenders, to the continuing case of Candy Capers and a fresh return for the Suicide Squad. Wait are you waiting for? Jump in! FEARLESS DEFENDERS #10/ […]

REVIEW: Batman: The Dark Knight #1

REVIEW: Batman: The Dark Knight #1

Written by PAUL JENKINS & DAVID FINCH / Art by DAVID FINCH & RICHARD FRIEND Colors by ALEX SINCLAIR / Letters by SAL CIPRIANO Most illustrators tend to draw all fictional characters alike. It’s simply easier and faster than designing characters with unique facial features, so it becomes a shortcut that some artists take in […]