Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios 25th Anniversary Event

On March 30th, 2017, comic book creator Rob Liefeld – best known for creating Marvel Comics‘ Deadpool – celebrated the 25th Anniversary of his Extreme Studios brand at Big Red Comics in Orange County, California, with a limited signing. Joining him were 17 of Extreme Studio’s founding creators, which marked the first time in 20 years […]

The Kabooooom! Pull List, 7.30.14 Edition

Here at Kaboooooom we live and breathe comic books, but if you’re new to the game or just don’t frequent the local comic shop it can be hard to know where to start. For that, we’re here to help. Every week we’ll share with you our recommendations for what you should checking out and what […]

NEWS: Why 'The Infinite' is Over

Why ‘The Infinite’ is Over

The Infinite has been canceled seemingly over creative differences stemming from a new inker. From Rob Liefeld’s Twitter: Creative differences are the doom of every creative endeavor. Infinite is over RT @aaronadelstein@robertliefeld is the infinite still happening? can’t find #5 & 6 on comixology-loved the first 4 issues Unfortunately creative differences have sunk the Infinite. It’s over. […]